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Colors: Clear, Black

Diameter: 6-8 mm



Colors: Clear, Black

Diameter: 9-10 mm



Colors: Clear, Black

Diameter: 11-12 mm



Colors: Clear

Diameter: 13-15 mm



Heelbuddies (pairs) 1 to 14 15 to 99 100 to 249 250 and Up
Price* 5 4 3 Email for quote

* Plus shipping

Measure you heel and find your size

  1. Pick up your shoe and measure the base of your heel. If the base is semicircular, measure the far side to the opposite end.
  2. Select the size of your HeelBuddies®:
    • If it measures between 6-8 mm (0.24-0.31 inch) you need a size S
    • If it measures between 8-10 mm (0.31-0.39 inch) you need a size M
    • If it measures between 10-12 mm (0.39-0.47 inch) you need a size L
    • If it measures between 13-15 mm (0.51-0.59 inch) you need a size XL
  3. The fit has to be snug.

*If you don't see your measurements, unfortunately we don't have HeelBuddies® for your heels... Yet!!

Recommended Size Distribution

From our experience, 15% of ladies would use a size S, 40% a size M, 40% a size L and 5% a size XL. Although these are only statistics for your information, it is the suggested distribution.


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