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Heel Protectors -Heelbuddies

You found the perfect pair of shoes for a wedding or cocktail and then ... you arrive at the reception which happens to be on grass, sand or cobble stone, and your heels are sinking every step you take... another pair of heels ruined!!!


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HeelBuddies are flexible heel covers that prevent your heels from sinking in uneven surfaces like grass, mud, grates or wooden decks. You will stop worrying about your shoes and get peace of mind. 


HeelBuddies are designed to prolong the durability of your heels, keeping them protected and perfectly clean. They will easily adapt to the size and shape of your heel.


HeelBuddies are designed to go unnoticed, making sure your shoes are the ones getting all the attention. They match with every color and every outfit.


Be smart, Step'n Style!!!


Protect your Feet. HeelBuddies are easy to use, and give your feet extra confort thanks to a wider support area around your heel that will reduce pressure from the balls of your feet.



HeelBuddies will help you Step'n Style and thanks to its pocket size you'll be able to take them anywhere. Don't let your heels ruin a BIG moment.